Millers First Insurance Companies began insuring property for Midwestern policyholders with the incorporation of Millers Mutual Fire Insurance Association of Illinois in September, 1877. Unfortunately, severe Midwestern storm losses in late 2010, 2011 and 2012 plus historically low investment interest rates resulted in a State of Illinois Order of Rehabilitation for Millers First Insurance Company in July, 2012 (see About Us tab).

As a result, Millers First Insurance Company and its subsidiary, Millers Classified Insurance Company (d/b/a Millers First Insurance Cos.) began non-renewing all business in July, 2012. To make the process easier on policyholders, arrangements were made by Millers with other insurers to remarket much of that business. As well, in June, 2013, most of the renewal rights of the group's agency subsidiary, D.R. Sparks Insurance Services, Inc. were sold to RCI Holdings II, LLC, a unit of the Charles L. Crane Agency in St. Louis, Mo. Meanwhile, Millers First and Millers Classified continue to administer and pay claims in the normal course.

Alternative Coverage Options

Alternative insurers selected to quote replacement coverages included, but were not limited to: Safeco, Travelers, Selective and Electric insurance companies. For an insurance quotation contact Egisure at 1-800-838-5643,, or Electric Insurance Company at 1-866-607-7508,

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